Sunday, May 24, 2009

Three Streams


I smell your voice
in the warm summer night
the thick smoke hewn weight of it
laughing through the air
a brother to the darkness
is this place of dreams
this time of all times
and none

Youth’s Last Night

the forfeits
fought and died for
dead soldiers line the walk,
wasn’t that a party
that time that time forgot
and so have I
only the chill of the hour
seeping up my legs
my hems wet with
dawn’s dews

Matter Horn

shattered and shorn,
sleep tattered torn,
worn with spatters of bloody dreams
revealing futures fled
and pasts unseen
like the dimlit path that guides me
onward asleep to you
oh hold me love
and let the dark be our all
it is all I have left
a prayer, a spell

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

aPaD: Icarus' Affianced

fly with me, before the storm
tears us from the sky
before the heat of the sun
like the hammer of a jealous god
melts these waxen wings
to punish us for daring
to love so hard so high
so long
the earth is a far thing
not to be considered
when love has given us wings


always, I fear
gravity's inescapable rule
the inexorable fall
hearts in mouths and fingers reaching
to hold
just for one second more
and then that final tumbling crash
to arid earth or sunclawed wave
to grief and pain
and hard harsh reality


we could direct our fall
use the storm winds to speed us forth
cutting before the god's rage
and alight instead
amidst cool linen sheets
and soft eiderdown clouds
a nest
made for loving
and holding safe
such odd birds as we

Monday, April 13, 2009


we spread the sheet like a table cloth
and take our places with eager anticipation
and the first remove is served
your mouth my hands, your skin on my skin
a banquet of flavours and textures
a joyous celebration of the sensual
warm, cool, icy hot,
the temperatures flow as we find our rhythm
sweet,, sour, savoury, salty
richness of flavours exploding
mouths enraptured, eyes wide with delight
enjoying, savouring, celebrating our feast

and once we are done,
replete with love and content
flooded like the river valley
sighing in delight and
wanting the taste of more,
but unable to lift a finger for it

and in the midst of plenty
we cry for the famine just past
and that about to come

Friday, April 10, 2009

the moment when

crisp and golden
(the moment when)
you met my eyes
said the word
and made me

Thursday, April 9, 2009


the day started so grey and sad,
a dark misted rain obscuring everything
and the colours of spring dimmed
we go about our seperate days,
I here
you there
struggling, living, working

and every now and then
I reach for you
knowing your arms are waiting
knowing your smile quirks your lips
knowing your eyes meet mine in that
sexy sloe stare, that half promise
half challenge
that always makes me smile

and the weather just doesn't matter
if it's windy and warm there
or cold and clammy here
we are reaching each other

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holding On

when all we can do is cling

all the tears sucked down by the vortex

not even breath enough to scream

white water

rapids and rocks

the pounding grinding rush

each day another tumble

another chute of the rapids

and all we can do is hold on

hold close

and wait for the calm

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


rain silvered petals

the alchemy of April

drifting pink blossoms

spring snow is not white

but silver pale and soft glowing

blossoming love's pink

cherry blossoms glow

in the pink of the petals

I find reborn hope